February 22 - 27, 2023

We are honored to announce the IOHIO’s 14th Organ Festival, postponed from February 2022, and look forward to resuming our celebration of Oaxaca’s historic pipe organs. It is of course impossible to predict the COVID situation in Oaxaca/ Mexico/ North America next year, but we are committed to carrying this project through and will take all necessary precautions to insure the health and well-being of our participants.

Those of you who have never participated in our festivals may read about our 13th Festival here to give you an idea of what to expect.

The 14th Festival will offer the following:

  • Eight concerts on eight Oaxaca historic organs.

  • Concerts by renowned organists Kimberly Marshall (USA) and Juan María Pedrero (Spain), Víctor Contreras (México) with Faustino Díaz, trumpet and trombone (Oaxaca), as well as Cicely Winter and Valentín Hernández, percussion (Oaxaca).

  • Visits to eight unrestored organs and their churches, many of which are usually inaccessible to the public.

  • The opportunity for professional organists to participate in the collective concerts in San Andrés Zautla and Santa María Tamazulapan.

  • The opportunity for all interested organists to play the organs in the Basilica de la Soledad, the Cathedral, and the church of Jalatlaco.

  • Meals which showcase Oaxaca’s famous local cuisine.

  • A guided tour of the archeological site of Monte Alban.


(preliminary, subject to change

February 22 (Wednesday)

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM: Registration in the Museo de Filatelia de Oaxaca (MUFI), Constitución 201

(Lunch on your own and the opportunity to explore downtown Oaxaca)

4:00 PM: Inauguration of the Festival and Presentation about “Oaxaca’s historic pipe organs and the work of the IOHIO”, Cicely Winter (MUFI)

5:30 PM: Welcoming reception in the MUFI

7:30 PM: Concert in the Oaxaca Cathedral, Kimberly Marshall, organ ($100 pesos)

February 23 (Thursday)
(Late registration)

8:30 AM: Departure for the Mixteca Alta.

10:00 AM: Visits to unrestored organs in Santa María Tiltepec y and Santa María Tamazulapan (large organ) (snack)

1:00 PM: Concert in Santa María de la Natividad Tamazulapan (Festival organists)

2:30 PM: Midday dinner in Tamazulapan.

4:00 PM: Return to Oaxaca, arrival 6:00 PM.

8:00 PM: Concert in San Matías Jalatlaco, Juan María Pedrero, organ.

February 24 (Friday)

8:30 AM: Departure for the Mixteca Alta

10:00 AM: Visits to the unrestored organs in Santa María Peñoles (snack) and Santiago Tlazoyaltepec

4:30 PM: Midday dinner in Oaxaca City, restaurant “La Olla”

7:30 PM: Concert of Oaxaca Folk Music in the Basílica de la Soledad, Cicely Winter (organ) and Valentín Hernández (percussion)

February 25 (Saturday)
8:30 AM: Departure for the Mixteca Alta.

9:30 AM: Visits to the unrestored organs in Santa María Tinú and San Bartolo Soyaltepec (snack)

2:00 PM: Concert in Santo Domingo Yanhuitlán, Faustino Díaz, trumpet and trombone, Víctor Contreras, organ
5:00 PM: Party and dinner in San Andrés Zautla.
7:00 PM: Concert in San Andrés Zautla (Festival organists)

9:00 PM: Return to Oaxaca, arrival 10:00 PM

February 26 (Sunday)
9:30 AM: Departure for the Tlacolula Valley

11:00 AM: Concert in San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya, Juan María Pedrero, organ.

1:00 PM: Midday meal in the “Donají” restaurant, Mitla.

2:30 PM: Visit to the unrestored organs in Santiago Matatlan and Santa María Tlacolula (table organ)

Visit to the Sunday market in Tlacolula (optional), ice cream break
6:00 PM: Concert in Santa María de la Asunción Tlacolula, Kimberly Marshall, organ

7:30 PM: Farewell dinner in Tlacolula

9:30 PM: Return to Oaxaca, arrive 10:30

February 27 (Monday) (optional activities for Festival participants only)

Option 1

10:00 AM: Guided visit of the archeological site of Monte Albán with Dr. Marcus Winter (INAH)

2:00 PM: Return to Oaxaca

Option 2

10:00 AM: Festival organists may play the organs in La Soledad, the Cathedral and Jalatlaco in the morning and the afternoon (lunch on your own)

*All concerts are free with the exception of the inaugural concert February 22 in the Cathedral which will cost $100 pesos. The IOHIO asks for this donation to support the scholarships of the participating national and international organ students, as well as for the maintenance and conservation of the Cathedral organ.


If you are interested in attending the Festival, please send the name and email of each participant (separate, not by couples or groups) to [email protected]. This will help us calculate the approximate number of participants in order to plan the events (although there is no commitment at this point). The price list for each day’s activities and the registration form will be posted as soon as possible.

Professional organists or advanced students should indicate if they would like to participate in the collective concerts in San Andrés Zautla and Santa María Tamazulapan.

As in past years, participants are responsible for their own transportation and lodging in Oaxaca. Meals are included with the festival activities. Please make your travel arrangements as soon as possible, since February is a month of high tourism in Oaxaca.

Mexican and international organ students who do not receive support from their respective institutions may solicit a scholarship to cover the Participation Fee. Students are responsible for their own transportation and lodging.