Our achievements in 2023

*Presentation of the 14th International Organ and Early Music Festival, February 22-27, 2023 (postponed from February, 2022). Nearly 100 people participated in this magna-event which offered concerts on eight organs, field trips to eight villages with unrestored organs, and meals in the local communities.
*Conclusion of the field trips to conserve and photograph 60 unrestored and 11 restored organs
located in 65 communities.
*Four organ concerts: Yanhuitlán (August 6), Tlacochahuaya (August 27), and Tamazulapan
(September 10) with five IOHIO organists; Tlacolula, Jesús González (August 14). (See Audio Visual)
*Publication online of the “Cuaderno de Domingo Flores” (San Bartolo Yautepec), with transcriptions of the music by Aurelio Tello and an introduction by Cicely Winter. The document was discovered by the IOHIO in 2001.
*Significant advances on the revised IOHIO website in its new platform.   
*Organization of cultural activities for the Yale Institute of Sacred Music (May 26) and the opportunity for post-graduate organ students and their teachers to play four organs (June 4-5).
*Photographic documentation of music manuscripts discovered in Santiago Guevea de Humboldtand Santa María Pápalo; a copy (USB) was delivered to each community.
*Distribution of the second edition of the book “Música Regional Oaxaqueña de ayer y hoy” (2023) by Cecilia Winter (100 of the 500 copies have already been sold or given away); all proceeds benefit the IOHIO.

Our goals for 2024

*Finish and upload our renewed website in English and Spanish
*Prepare for publication in 2025 our definitive catalog in English and Spanish “The Historic Pipe Organs of Oaxaca, Mexico” / “Los Órganos Tubulares Históricos de Oaxaca, México”.
*Present concerts by IOHIO and visiting organists.
*Preliminary organization of the 15th IOHIO Organ Festival for February 2025.

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With all best wishes.
Cicely Winter

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