Our achievements in 2021

*Field trips to document, conserve, and photograph the organs for our future catalog:
We are usually on the road one day a week to visit the 72 organs one by one, particularly the unrestored instruments some of which we have not seen in 10 or more years. We will have “finished” 30 organs by the end of this year 2021 and the rest by mid-2022. It is urgent to tie up this project as soon as possible in case a resurgence of COVID closes down the villages and their churches again.

*Virtual organ concerts:
February concert recorded by organists Joel Vásquez in Jalatlaco and Jesús González in Tlacolula and broadcast from St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco, California. Listen
April Holy Week concert recorded in the Basilica de la Soledad with the choir of the Instituto Maurice Ravel and in San Matías Jalatlaco with soloists. Listen
August 15 concert in Tlacolula by Jesús González in honor of the patron saint the Virgen of the Assumption. Listen
December recital by IOHIO organists to celebrate December festivities: The Virgins of Juquila, Guadalupe, and La Soledad, the Winter Solstice, and Christmas. Listen

*Virtual and in person (with restrictions) masses throughout the year accompanied by IOHIO organists and broadcast in the parishes.
*Weekly in person organ lessons (Jalatlaco and La Soledad) taught by Cicely Winter and enhanced with special classes by organists Victor Contreras via zoom from Mexico City and David Furniss, a frequent visitor to Oaxaca.
*Professional photographs of an early 18th century manuscript, the “Cuaderno de Trabajo (Workbook) de Domingo Flores,” discovered by the IOHIO in San Bartolo Yautepec, to support its publication by the Alfredo Harp Helú Oaxaca Foundation (FAHHO).
*Advances on the renewed IOHIO website which has become more extensive because of our recordings and recent research

Our goals for 2022

*Finish the conservation and photography of the organs, organize our accumulated data and photographs, and prepare the publication of our catalog of the Oaxaca Historic Organs
*Present the IOHIO website on its new platform
*Continue to improve our normal activities: concerts, organ lessons, and presentations
*Organize the 14th Organ Festival scheduled for February 2023, COVID permitting

Please consider making a donation to the IOHIO in order to keep us moving ahead, since your contributions are our main source of funding. Our expenses have increased considerably because of the travel costs of our field trips and payments to IOHIO assistants and a professional photographer during the organ visits. We encourage both past and first-time Friends of the IOHIO to support this unique cultural initiative.

With all best wishes.
Cicely Winter

We invite you to visit our Activities Page on this website for photos of our concerts and field trips. Our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts (Instituto de Órganos Históricos de Oaxaca) provide ongoing reports on our activities while the IOHIO YouTube channel provides links to all our concerts. Our social media networks, created and managed by organist Isaí Guzmán, have more than 7000 followers!


How to donate

1. US Dollars using PayPal or debit/credit card (tax deductible in the US).

2. US Dollars as a check made out to “Oaxaca Lending Library Foundation” (registered as a 501 (c) (3) for tax deductibility in the US), noting IOHIO in the lower left corner, to:

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These checks will be deposited to the OLLF account and then transferred to the IOHIO account in Oaxaca.

3. Mexican pesos as a cash deposit or transfer from another Mexican bank to our account:
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4. Donations in euros, please contact us for instructions.

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