291 concerts
429 field trips
101 presentations
15 master classes
10 exhibits
4 restorations or repairs
12 international festivals

Twelfth International Organ and Early Music Festival, Oaxaca, Mexico, February 14 – 21

- 9 concerts
- 1 presentations
- visits to 12 unrestored organs

Field trips to document and conserve the organs
  -Basílica de la Soledad, January 26.

  - San Andrés Zautla, February 8.

  - Catedral de oaxaca, February 10.


   -Demonstration of the historic organ of San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya for a group of Mexican businessmen by Joel Vásquez, January 27.

  -Organ and choral concert in San Matías Jalatlaco presented by Cicely Winter, organ, and the choir of the “Instituto de Formación Musical Maurice Ravel” directed by Pierre-Arnaud Le Guérinel and soloists Laura García Meixueiro, soprano, Mara Picacho Martínez and Patricia Jungk, contraltos, and César Mayoral Figueroa and Felipe Espinosa Olmedo, baritones, March 26 (Holy Monday).

  -Organ concert in San Matías Jalatlaco, programmed in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Mexico Elmhurst Philatelic Society (MEPSI) organized by the Museo de Filatelia de Oaxaca (MUFI), presented by Cicely Winter, organ, Felipe Espinosa, baritone, Alberto Revilla, theorbo and guitar, and Valentín Hernández, percussion, April 13.

Organ and piano lessons
  - Cicely Winter and Joel Vásquez give weekly organ lessons in Jalatlaco and other churches to six local students.
  - Pierre-Arnaud Le Guérinel gives weekly piano lessons to one IOHIO organ student and harmony classes to three.